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Interpretive Media

When it comes to interpretive media, my area of focus is research, content, and layout and my research-backed approach follows the most recent guidelines and strategies outlined by leading experts in the industry. 

I am not a great artist, but I do work closely with excellent artists and graphic designers to produce digital and non-digital artwork when needed. I also work with language translational services to ensure your interpretive content is accessible to your community and target audience.

Current Services

  • Brochures

  • Wayside Panels

  • Exhibit Panels

  • Interactive Displays

  • Digital Content 

    • Interactive Virtual Tours

    • StoryMaps

    • Short Form Video​

    • Social Media Posts

    • Websites (e.g., QR code extensions and blogs)

Desired Opportunities

I am eager to work on projects that include interactive virtual tours such as those linked below: 

Interpretive Media: Features
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